Backpack is a service to keep your to-do lists and ideas online. If you pay, you also get a calendar. The interface is playful and easy to use!

You create a set of pages. Each page consists of several items such as body, lists, notes, links, files and images. It’s easy to use and good to keep notes online. You also have the possibility to create reminders and subscribe to iCalendar. If you share something and they make changes, you can subscribe to these changes via RSS.

If you don’t want to pay you only get 5 pages, 10 active reminders, no image & file storage, 2 writeboards and page sharing. If you want to store files, images, get a calendar and more pages/reminders you have to pay som dough. I personally like the world of free stuff so I won’t have the possibility to test their extended functionality.

Here are some examples what you can aquire with the free version:

backpackit9.png backpackit10.png

There are many examples here which you can look at if you’re interested in this service. Here are some more screenshots with examples which you can aquire if you pay a small amount and images and files.

backpackit8.gif backpackit7.gif backpackit6.gif backpackit5.gif

backpackit4.gif backpackit3.gif backpackit2.gif backpackit1.gif

Oh and BTW, the same company, 37signals has some other interesting tools namely,

  • Basecamp – a project collaboration tool
  • Writeboard – a tool to write, share, revise and compare documents