Since we’re working on the Mini File Server at the momeny, we decided to have some kind of online collaboration tool out there that would enable us to do project plans etc.

Then I found this excellent comparison by Derek Punsalan. It gives you and overview of BaseCamp, ActiveCollab and Goplan.



His conclusion? For individuals looking to manage projects without spending a small amount on monthly subscription costs, the less polished activeCollab application does provides the basics for managing and interacting with clients.

On the flip-side, anyone who is willing to part with a small amount through a monthly subscription recouped in an hour or less of work, definitely give Basecamp or Goplan a try. With Goplan’s recent public launch with features sure to give Basecamp a solid run, users now have more options. Which service will work for you? Give each of them a solid run-through and decide for yourself. Will you side with the proverbial favorite from 37signals – Basecamp? Or, will your business be better served by Webreakstuff’s Goplan?

Oh and I also found a more detailed comparison between Basecamp and activeCollab.

Do you have any other suggested online collaboration services?