Samsung are releasing their flashbased harddrive (SSD – Solid State Disk) that could replace the conventional harddrive. It’s totally silent, it’s smaller, faster and doesn’t generate much heat. This would be perfect for my uninstalled desktop. Check Toms Hardware preview out to get some more information regarding the drive and the performance which is really impressive.

Just the thing that your operating system boots up really quickly is really interesting. Today – I simply keep my computer(s) on all the time because it takes too long to start them up when I want to access them. Today, a maximum of 32 GB is available, but you don’t need much more if you have everything online. Why would you like an SSD to replace your OS harddrive?

  • Read/Write data %25 faster than conventional harddrives
  • Bottups reduced – Tests show boot-up cut from 31 seconds to 18 seconds
  • Totally noiseless
  • Consume 95% less power (could add 20-40% battery time on laptops)

Cost today is around ~$25/GB which means $400 for a 16 GB drive. I little bit pricey but it’s just a matter of time before it hits the mass market. Just since announcement in May last year, price has been dropped almost 50%. The Samsung Q1 used to have a conventional 40GB drive at $1119 but can now be purchased with a 32GB SSD for a $2799 at iCube.

Samsung Solid State Disk (SSD)