After going through the e-mail server, it’s time for the file/ftp/web/download server part of Bubba Mini Server.

You can either access the fileserver through your normal Windows explorer att \\BUBBA\ and there you will have the complete tree.

Bubba Mini Server File ServerIf you access it via FTP you have access to the home directory. If you want to access the directory tree over the web, this is possible throuh the web-admin interface.

If you want to create your own webpage to publish, just put your html files in the web-directory and when you browse to the root of the Bubba, you’ll get to that page!

What about Downloads then? Let’s say you have any FTP/HTTP/torrent download that will take hours to download and you don’t want your computer to be kept switched on? Just add it to the Download list in your Bubba and it will download it for you! Since it only consumes 10W and makes no noise at all – it’s perfect for that!

Just right-click any download link, add the link to Location and press Add. Simple as that! You can watch the progress in the interface and the files will be saved to your home\downloads folder.

Bubba Mini Server Downloads Bubba Mini Server Downloads 2

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