Have you ever ran out of disk space in Windows or wondered what’s taking up all the space on your harddrive and think right-clicking, choosing Properties is way to limited? Here are three alternatives that are free and portable:

Options that are quite useful is to visualize the result, but also get the size of a dir. Another good feature is to be able to “go” to the dir in question so you can check what files are taking up the space and possibly delete them. It’s also important it’s fast to scan.

Treesize visualize it quite nicely where you can choose to show you size/number of files/& and also KB/MB/GB. WinDirStat also offers you to visualize in different views. WinDirStat also offers you “treemap” and “filetype” which shows you what kind of files is taking up all the space. This can be useful when you scan a huge fileserver so you can see how much space all those media files take up (mp3, avi etc). TreeSize offers you a professional version ($49.95) that offers even more features which might be useful if you use it on a daily basis.

VisDir doesn’t allow you to see the actual size directly in the interface – it only visualize it for you as pie chart or horizontal/vertical bar, which makes it pretty limited.

My choice: I would choose WinDirStat since it offers some additional views. It’s not as fast as TreeSize but fast enough.

TreeSize Free screenshot:


WinDirStat Portable screenshot:

WinDirStat Portable

VisDir screenshots:

VisDir 1
VisDir 2