Googles has an impressive calendar. A good thing is that you just use your Google account (you do have one don’t you?). After that, everything is setup.You can view your calendar in many different ways (day, week, month, agenda). It’s very fast so switch between the views, you don’t even notice you’re doing it over the Internet.

It’s easy to add events, just mark the area in the calendar and start writing. But there’s a really cool feature called “Quick Add”. Just write “dinner with Michael 8pm to 9pm tomrrow” and it will add the meeting for you. Really cool! You can send invitations via email that they can approve to and it will automatically be added to the meeting details. You can add more calendars which you also can share with others.
You can import events from other programs such as Outlook so you can get started really quickly.

Again, Google suprise me with their work. This is really one of the better calendars out there available online. Be sure to check it out!
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