Protopage – startup page

Protopage offers you to create your own startpage. It’s very flexible and you can change the boxes sizes and move them around any way you want.

Except for the usual RSS feeds, you can add Podcasts, Video podcasts, Todo lists, sticky notes, comment boxes and much more. You can even watch the videos and listen to the podcasts directly in the interface – quite impressive.

Be sure to check it out! You can try it out without registering.

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Part 5 Online bookmarks: Summary why to use

Thanks for reading this 5-part miniguide how to move your bookmarks online.

To summarize, this is why you should move your bookmarks online:

  • Easier to find – Before, I had all my bookmarks divided into folders. It was impossible to find the bookmark I knew I had somewhere. Now I just add the keyword to a search and it will definitely find what I need
  • Always accesible – I have several computers both at work and at home. Now I always have the same bookmarks available everywhere
  • I can save everything – Before I had to think twice before bookmarking since I needed to organize it so it would be somewhat easy to find (which it never was…) Now I simply bookmark and forget about it – doesn’t matter if bookmark 1000 more pages
  • More effective with Firefox Add-on – ACtrl+B and I can find my bookmark within seconds. There are also some nice features to have certain bookmarks in the toolbar depending on if I’m at work, at home, working with the blog etc.

Please feel free to comment how you manage your bookmarks today.

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Part 4 Online bookmarks: Using

In part 3 I told about some alternatives to move your bookmarks online. I settled for Follow this series to see how I move to an online service to manage my bookmarks. is one of the most popular social bookmarking tools out there. So I decided to install all bookmars into (you don’t need the add-on for importing).

After importing it was time to start tagging them! By default, does a pretty good job for you. If you had them in folders before importing, it will use the folder names as tags. Since I had almost 2000 bookmarks and many folders, I got many tags aswell. I spent an hour or so sorting them around but soon realized that you mostly simply search through your bookmarks rather than browsing through them manually. You search through the tags/name/description so whenever you bookmark anything, just make sure to write a small description and tag it and I’m sure you’ll find it in the future.

There are numerous add-ons available for Firefox. Although you need to install them (just one click away though…) I would really suggest you to test them. I prefer the Bookmarks one which replace the default bookmarking functionality in Firefox with a new experience that offers the following advantages:

– Search and browse your bookmarks
– Access your bookmarks from any computer at any time
– Keep your bookmarks organized with tags
– Share your bookmarks with friends or anyone on the Web

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Part 3 Online bookmarks: The alternatives!

In part 2 I told you how to clean out your old and faulty bookmarks. After that I want to move them all online. Follow this series to see how I move to an online service to manage my bookmarks.

There are plenty of alternatives out there, and also plenty of camparison blog posts. One is the Top 5 social bookmarking services which gives you a pretty good idea of what features they offer.

Here’s are some alternativs for you to try out.

My pick – Mostly for the extensive support for the Firefox add-on which is excellent!

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Part 2 Online bookmarks: Test your current bookmarks

In part 1 I told you about my bookmark hell. So I want to move them all online. Follow this series to see how I move to an online service to manage my bookmarks.

First action was that I wanted to clear out the old non-working sites that I had. Many of them simply gave me an Error 404 and with 2028 bookmarks/favorites – doing it manually was simply not an option.

There are many tools that can do this for you. Here are some free ones:

I’ve tested both AM-DeadLink and Link200 and they work fine. I’m sorry to say – you have to install them :(. I would say AM-DeadLink gives you a little bit more control since Link200 is more of a wizard-type application. With AM-DeadLink you simply get a list of your bookmarks, decide on which to check, and then sort on Error column and delete those with an errors.

After that, I was down to around 1937. You can also find duplicates with AM-DeadLink.

PS. For you who already use or Blogmarks, check this online tool out for testing your bookmarks. DS

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Part 1 Online bookmarks: When I was in bookmark-hell

When I started up My Uninstalled Life I had around 2000 bookmarks in hundreds of folders. I had a mixture of IE and Firefox bookmarks and it wall all a big mess! Some of the bookmarks were almost 10 years old and many of them non-working.

I would say I was in bookmark-hell since I usually couldn’t even find what I was looking for.

Follow this series when I investigate different approaches on how to “uninstall your bookmarks”. In short – how do I keep them online – always available.

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Eskobo – customized startup page for feeds

Eskobo offers you the ability to add feeds to a startup page. It also features the weather. It includes drag’n’drop abilities for the modules. There’s a bunch of these services and this one doesn’t really offer anything new.

Comments (7) – customizable and portable startpage is another startpage that offers you to make a custom startpage for the Internet. You can add different widgets such as weather,, Google search window, feeds and much much more. You can cutomize the number of columns and move around the widgets to fit your needs and change colours.


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Other useful tools/add-ons for effective browsing

In my recent articles in 4 different ways to effective ways of starting your webapps – here are some additional plugins to Firefox that might help you! 

  • Faviconize plugin for FF. It gets rid of the text on a tab and just leaves the icon so it takes up less space on the tab bar.
  • Have you ever accidently closed the tab where you have your e-mail service? Get the PermaTabs add-on for FF and they will definitely stick around!

If you have any other plugins that might help you in effective ways of starting/running your webapps online – let me know!

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4 effective way to start your online web 2.0 apps

So you sit down at your computer and you open up your favorite browser. Either you open several windows or tabs and manually enter the address for Hotmail, Google Docs, EditGrid and some other online apps. This is not a very efficient way of doing things!

Here at My Uninstalled Life we want to be effective in our way to start our applications – even though they are online! How do we do it?

Our poll shows that around 60%w still do it manually (half write address manually and half using bookmarks). Some 10% have shortcuts on their desktop and the rest use some kind of technique/tool to start more efficient.

So here are some ways you can do it in a more efficient way:

  • Use the built-in function in IE7 and Firefox that lets you open up several pages, one on each tab, once you start the app? Just enter the addresses separated by a “|”. You can also choose “Show my windows and tabs from last time
  • Use Bookmarks add-on for Firefox. Tag your webapps you want to start with for example “go”. Choose “open in tabs” in the “go” tabs view of the delicious extension
  • Use the SessionSaver add-on which restores your browser -exactly- as you left it. PS. Here’s a patched version for FF 2.0
  • In Firefox, bookmark pages in a certain bookmark folder, and then open the pages by right-clicking the bookmark folder and choose “Open All in tabs”

Thanks to John Wilson, Chris, Jay, Sean Feeney, mel my finger, Cyril, ZivP, George, Daniel, iiis and everybody else who sent me tips for this post.

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