I’m always looking for a device to replace my desktop PC which makes too much noise, takes up too much space and cost too much since I only use a small fraction of the power in the box! A few weeks ago, I replaced it with a beautiful mini-ITX computer.

But what about the laptop? Craig Gunderson sent me a tip on the $150 laptop computer (wasn’t it $100 before?).

“Lite Appliances says its Lite Computer will be based on Analog Devices’ Blackfin processor and a custom-built OS that will include Web browser, media player, IM and VoIP functions and work with online services such as Google Docs. There will be no built-in hard drive, but you can attach external storage via USB.” Wired says.

These devices are made for the web! It doesn’t have all the unnecessary power you don’t need when running tools over the web! I’d get one – just for the sake of tetsing it. But I hope they make them look better than this :)

$100 laptop $100 laptop $100 laptop