EditGrid is an online spreadsheet featuring real-time-update and extensive collaboration features.

You have a lot of different charts you can create. There are somewhat 40 ways to present your charts and diagrams and there are ~20 functions like AND, OR, NOT etc. You can style the text, fonts and cells in whatever way you like. There are advanced number formatting like Number, Date, Time etc.

You can do import/export from common formats such as CSV, OpenOffice, Excel etc. You can also insert remote data live – today Stock Quote, Currency Exchange and Web Data is available but I guess more sources will be developed. You can share your spreadsheets to anyone, to specific users or simply with a password.

The interface and “web 2.0”-features is really impressive. For example, if you create a chart in your diagram you can drag it around in your diagram and data is updated in realtime as you write so if you change data in a cell, the diagram will change in realtime – so usability is high – it’s hard to say that you’re really using a webinterface!

When it comes to the Enterprise it’s good that the application is available in different languagues. You also have an API if you want to use Editgrid in your own application. You also have Version Controlling builtin.

EditGrid has made an Comparison Sheet – of course made with EditGrid. If you want to try it out, check out their ready-to-run templates or run a Quickstart demo.

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