So you sit down at your computer and you open up your favorite browser. Either you open several windows or tabs and manually enter the address for Hotmail, Google Docs, EditGrid and some other online apps. This is not a very efficient way of doing things!

Here at My Uninstalled Life we want to be effective in our way to start our applications – even though they are online! How do we do it?

Our poll shows that around 60%w still do it manually (half write address manually and half using bookmarks). Some 10% have shortcuts on their desktop and the rest use some kind of technique/tool to start more efficient.

So here are some ways you can do it in a more efficient way:

  • Use the built-in function in IE7 and Firefox that lets you open up several pages, one on each tab, once you start the app? Just enter the addresses separated by a “|”. You can also choose “Show my windows and tabs from last time
  • Use Bookmarks add-on for Firefox. Tag your webapps you want to start with for example “go”. Choose “open in tabs” in the “go” tabs view of the delicious extension
  • Use the SessionSaver add-on which restores your browser -exactly- as you left it. PS. Here’s a patched version for FF 2.0
  • In Firefox, bookmark pages in a certain bookmark folder, and then open the pages by right-clicking the¬†bookmark folder and choose “Open All in tabs”

Thanks to John Wilson, Chris, Jay, Sean Feeney, mel my finger, Cyril, ZivP, George, Daniel, iiis and everybody else who sent me tips for this post.