Graphic editing programs are huge! Photoshop has been around for ages. Will the online editing programs be able to compete? Fauxto is one alternative out there.

You open up graphics either from your local system or remote, which is simply an URL. Each picture you’re working on is opened as a tab in the main window.

You can do Image Size, Canvas Size and Crop. You can add Layers and which each layer you can modify in different ways. You have a bunch of Filters, such as Sharpen, Blur, Find Edges, Emboss, Enrich and Clouds.

You can paint with brush, pencil, paint bucket, circles, squares. When you paint, the brush can be in several differnt formats such as round, spatter, smear and there is both size and feather. You also have the smudge, eyedropper and Text with some 12 fonts.

All in all – I would say this is a very powerful web application! Can it compete with Photoshop? Well – no, but it definitely shows there’s a possibility. At least to replace to more simple installed applications.

The application runs very smoothly – possibly much better than you would imagine! I would say I really cant “feel” any difference from this and a locally installed app – no delays or anything! And that’s just only after 2 months online! Good work by the guys over at Fauxto!