Google Spreadsheets has been updated with some new features. Here’s a summary of the most important changes:

  • You can let anyone view (as long as they have a Google account) without inviting them
  • Easier URLs for your spreadsheets to share
  • Get list of people to invite from Gmail/Google Calendar
  • Print feature
  • PDF Export
  • Open Document Format support (ODF)
  • Format cells using more currency symbols and additional formats
  • More lines of text in each cells
  • Merge Cells now on multiple rows at one once
  • Larger file sizes imported
  • New Function Dialogbox and help page
  • Un-saved spreadsheet warning

I really like Google Spreadsheets but before they become the leader in Web Spreadsheets applications they have to make sure we get the feature to create charts and diagrams.

Google Spreadsheets Updated Google Spreadsheets Updated