Goowy is a web desktop which offers you quite many features. The interface reminds you of Gnome and is very fast. You simply go to Goowy’s website, create an account and you get your personal desktop with storage (provided by

You have a bunch of applications available:

  • Instant Messaging (IM) – support for AIM, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ and AOL
  • Online storage – it actually uses for online storage
  • Games – there are a bunch of games available!
  • E-mail client – which is pretty powerful with drag’n’drop support. You can configure to get mail from a custom POP3 account
  • Contacts – manage your contacts. Import from Yahoo, GMail, Hotmail, MSNMail, AIM or custom file. Export to CSV or VCF. You can easily search through existing contacts
  • Calendar – simple calendar with event info and invitations. Import/Export in ICalendar

You can have a custom skin/theme so your desktop looks more personal. You can do additional customizing of your desktop by playing sounds on reminders/new emails.

One powerful feature is the minis. This opens up a highly customized page with gadgets and feeds. Some examples of what you can add are calendars, calculator, RSS feeds, YouTube,, flickr, Itunes, Maps, MP3 player to stream music, notepad, to-do list, weather and much much more.

The first thing you notice is how fast and useful this webtop is. But does it really do what I want? Well, minis are powerful but you get that using a lot of webservices. And I miss the applications I really need such as Office Suites. I think Goowy is more a replacement for your personalized Google than a complete web desktop system with all its’ Office Suite applications.

To get a good idea how Goowy perfoms, see my screencast.