At last! Google Drive is here! Just go to and you can enable it.

If you’re running Google Apps for your domain you might in the header see:
“Google Drive is not yet enabled for the domain”

Well, your admin for your domain has to enable it like this:

  1. Go to
  2. Click Domain Settings tab
  3. Click General tab
  4. In New User Features, select Rapid Release, otherwise you will have to wait a littble bit longer before it’s released.
  5. In New Services, select Automatic to automatically enable new services.
  6. Click Save
I’ve noticed that simply reloading the page does not always help. I had to login with another account and then I got:

I selected to be notified:

Success – now I just have to wait:

Until I get an e-mail confirming it has been enabled I will see the following in the header:

How long will it take? Well, it depends…

Update: It took about 2 days before I received: