One thing I’ve noticed during my 10 computeryears is that I have many tools, applications and files that I need daily. But there’s a catch, most of the stuff I use is installed on my desktop. So if I’m not infront of my computer – I’m out of luck. Not very effective right? Not to mention if the whole computer crashes.

So one day I decided to look for alternatives. We’re starting to see interesting services online. You can’t find a complete replacement for your desktop using your browser (yet) but it’s getting there. So I decided to start this website to share my story of trying to get it to work. But I want to take it to the extremes! I want to challenge the technology! For example I might say:

  • I want to have a fully blown Adobe Premiere alternative (video editor) on the web and nothing installed on my PC. It shouldn’t take more than 2 seconds to load.

You might say – that’s impossible. Yes, maybe today but not in a couple of years. Oh and I might add:

  • …and all my saved videos should be stored online so I can stream them to my mobile phone“. Now we’re talking!

Call it apps on tap, web 2.0, services online or whatever. I simply call it uninstalled. This is my story!

If I would describe myself I would say:

  • I’m a computer geek, love the technology
  • I sometimes hate technology aswell – since it’s complex
  • I always want it K.I.S.S. – Keep It Simple Stupid
  • I’m trying to be as effective as possible

My goal: Keep everything online – uninstall everything.