Web 2.0 is not easy to explain. Web 2.0 is not a standard. It is supposed to be the second generation of the web or an improved form of the World Wide Web. The first version “1.0” was more static webpages, with mostly just information. Web 2.0 is supposed to enrich the experience when surfing the web with more dynamic content and more application-like services on the web.

If you’re really interested in reading more in-depth information what web 2.0 really is supposed to be, there are two good articles on the subject. Tom O’Reilly’s seminal piece and of course, as always, the Wiki.

Lets cut the technical mumbo-jumbo for a second. So what is web 2.0 really? This is how I see it – might not be the correct way in all people’s eyes, but here it goes.

As I see it, it’s the second generation of the web. It should give you an experience close to what locally installed desktop applications would give you. I wouldn’t say we’re at 2.0 yet.. maybe 1.5? Before we’re at 2.0 the applications on the web should be…

  • As fast
  • As many features
  • As easy accessiable (just doubleclick that icon…)
  • Free! (I know this rules out a bunch of alternatives.. but I like free stuff)

As long as the “web 2.0” applications or “webapplications” are not there, we’re not at 2.0, if you ask me.

Wouldn’t it be great to simply not need a desktop PC at your home? Just some small appliance with a webbrowser and an Internet Connection? That’s all I want!