I’m looking for the perfect replacement for installed desktop software and so far I feel that most online apps do what they need to – but not much more. They do what the installed apps did a few years ago. Yes – I admit, much of it is eyecandy and drag’n’drop features – but that is needed to succeed in my point of view.

But iScrybe really turn heads. It has all the bells and whistles that you need and it does the job more than fine. It but it runs very well and it got some realtime features I haven’t seen on the web before with nifyt little animations and stuff. And best of it all – It works even though I’m offline!

But how does it do in the real-world? Is it usable? You can browse your calendar by year, month, week or day. When you go between the views it will animate the transition which is really cool (see screencast). You can easily add appointments by simply just clicking in the calendar and start writing. When you click an entry you will get the details such as times, notes, reminder sharing etc. You can also categorize your entries with different labels and colors. Speaking of colors – you can more or less style your theme in any color you want.

iScrybe colors

Reminders will popup and you can decide on Snooze it or dismiss it. You also have a task-list where you easily can add tasks. This list can be filtered on date, status, labels etc. If you need to take action on a certain task at a specific time, you can simply drag’n’drop it into the calendar and it will schedule time for it. This is really good for structured time management people like myself – I work a lot with using the “GTD – Getting Things Done” time management philosophy.

If there’s anyone out there who like to print their calendar, iScrybe offers a great customization for this:

iScrybe print

The best way by far is to simple show you the screencast:

This webapp really is what I’ve been waiting for when it comes to user interface. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles when it comes to functionality compared to, for example, locally installed Outlook – but that maybe is a little bit too much to ask. There’s a button called “Upcoming modules” which sounds very interesting. Let’s just hope they keep up the good work!