Thanks for reading this 5-part miniguide how to move your bookmarks online.

To summarize, this is why you should move your bookmarks online:

  • Easier to find – Before, I had all my bookmarks divided into folders. It was impossible to find the bookmark I knew I had somewhere. Now I just add the keyword to a search and it will definitely find what I need
  • Always accesible – I have several computers both at work and at home. Now I always have the same bookmarks available everywhere
  • I can save everything – Before I had to think twice before bookmarking since I needed to organize it so it would be somewhat easy to find (which it never was…) Now I simply bookmark and forget about it – doesn’t matter if bookmark 1000 more pages
  • More effective with Firefox Add-on – ACtrl+B and I can find my bookmark within seconds. There are also some nice features to have certain bookmarks in the toolbar depending on if I’m at work, at home, working with the blog etc.

Please feel free to comment how you manage your bookmarks today.