Some time ago, I wrote about Zamzar which lets you convert your files between different formats. There’s another tool out there called Media-Convert.

There’s a bunch of formats supported. Just select your file and it will figure out the format. Then you select output format and except for format you can also have some options such as resizing, changing FPS, CODEC and so on.


Except for videos it does documents, texts, archines (zip etc), images and sounds.

Zamzar e-mails you a link to the converted files but Media-Convert starts processing online and will provide you with the link to the file directly. During the conversion, it just shows you:


Some testing shows it just takes a few minutes.

Just see yourself which one you prefer. Downsides with both Zamzar and Media-Convert is that you have to upload the file and there’s a limit of 100 MB. It’s pretty common that files are more than 100 MB, but still, you’re limited of the time it will take to upload because of your upstream speed. And since I only got 1 Mbit – I guess I’m stuck with some local tools.