I’ve done quite a few surveys during my time. At first it was manual labour – word documents with tick boxes and compiling the results manually. Then I did it with Outlook forms and then I went further and installed PHP/mySQL combination on one of our webservers.

But since I want to uninstall everything I started to look for some uninstalled alternatives where the forms are hosted somewhere else. Here are some alternatives. Anyone has any other tips? Please comment on this post.

  • One alternative is Wufoo.
  • Another alternative is Caspio Bridge, free for SOHO.
  • Freedback offers a free alternative aswell. It seems like it’s the same solution as Response-o-matic.
  • Yookie, but seems down at the moment.
  • Bravenet got a whole list of online tools for the web, one of them the ability to create a form and the result is sent via e-mail.