can keep notes, bookmarks, account numbers, and all the little things you can never remember. You can also share this with other members.

It works so that you create a “hive”. A Hive is a place where you can post and share information online. A huve can consists of address book entries, custom text fields to add notes, photos and whatever. There are many templates (430 at the moment) available and you can create your own templates aswell from scratch. When you create your own templates you can define what can of data (types) your hive consists of for example a textnote, address book entries, photos or you specify in very much detail what type of data can be added. In other words, everything is very modular. You can more or less specify exactly what you want to add and create templates to suit your needs!

So more or less, it’s a way to keep your notes online and share them with others. Even though it’s very powerful and makes you add cusotmizable pages I kind of think “what do I need it for?”. As far as I’ve seen it lacks the possibility to put reminders and it’s more a replacement for your notes on paper.

However, it’s still in early beta and it’s invite only so it will be interesting to see which kind of features that are added in the future.

Hive Live Screenshot Hive Live Screenshot Hive Live Screenshot