Work Offline Have you ever had an online organizer or calendar and was frustrated you couldn’t access it when you were offline? I think, this is one of the number one showstoppers for online applications. But now there might be a service out there that offers you an “offline-mode” – without installing anything! It’s called Scrybe. Among other features you’ll find:

  • Don’t have to install ANYTHING
  • It’s as powerful and fast as a desktop app
  • Zoomable calendar views (this is cool – watch the video)
  • Organize your thoughts with bookmarks, web snippets, images and files
  • To-do lists integrated with your calendar
  • Share and collaborate with friends and co-workers
  • Elegant, compact and handy print formats
  • Easily work across multiple timezones
  • Import and export from other apps easily – I hope they’ll do Outlook so I, at last, can uninstall it ;)

The beta will be available in October, but check this demo out in the meantime. You’ll see some groundbreaking things in the interface that I’m really excited above. I really hope it turns out well: