Thinkfree lets you create Office compatible word, excel and powerpoint complete with images, graphics and charts. It’s also possible to connect with your colleagues to share your work.

To get all the features, you need to use the application based on Java (JVM) so the first time it loads it will take some time but after that – the applications is cached. But it can take up to 30 seconds before a documents open that you want to edit. Once loaded – it’s fast though!

When you startup each application you’ll be amazed how close to Microsoft Office it looks.

Thinkfree folders Thinkfree spreadsheet Thinkfree document

Thinkfree presentation Thinkfree doc exchange

Check out the following screencasts so see it live.

You have My Office which contains all your files. Here you can create additional folders which you also can share or publish. You can upload, edit your current documents or share/publish them individually. You can also easily search your own documents.

Here’s a demo of the wordprocessor application:

Here’s a demo of the spreadsheet application:

Here’s a demo of the presentation application:

I’m quite sceptical to using the Java editor. I’ve experienced many problems with Java apps during the years I’ve used them – but that’s just my personal view! You have the Quickedit-mode which is not as powerful but still useful!