WebEx offer a free 30 day trial for you to try WebOffice which is an online collaboration tool. With WebOffice you have the possibility to share Contacts, Documents and Tasks. You also have the possibility to have discussions and polls. However, just during my trial period, many new features were added to the Contacts part so I would expect more features added in the near future.

The left-side pane has the following choices:

  • Shortcuts – URL-links for everybody)
  • My Favorites – personal URL-links
  • Tools – Weboffice tools such as send emails
  • Administration – Manage Weboffice
  • Calendar – An online calendar. You can add personal events or for the whole group. Basic interface with no nifty stuff such as drag’n’drop etc.
  • WebEx Meetings – Have your meetings online (costs extra though)
  • Contacts – Manage the group’s contacts with many features. You have many fields to add, have different customized views, have different permissions, import, export and much much more.
  • Databases – Create a very customizable database using the webinterface for the group to work with. You can design your own or use an existing template (for example Asset Management, CRM, Knowledge Base etc).
  • Discussions – Online discussion forums. Not many features but easy and useful!
  • Documents – Create folders, upload and work with documents/files
  • Expense Reports – Allows you to enter and save your expense reports online
  • Members – List of members on the site
  • Polls – Voting polls. Allow multiple answers or single answer, customizable choices etc.
  • Tasks – Create and assign tasks

If you’re working on a project and don’t have any place to collect and manage all project information – I’m sure you could find this service useful! However, most of the features does the job – it does just that. The features kind of lack the “web 2.0”-feel with really smart solutions. So don’t expect any drag’n’drop and other nifty features. However, I find it very easy to user for anyone and easy to getting started for everyone working together. And it’s quite highly cusotmizable with permissions and the Database feature.

What about pricing then? Of course, it’s depending on number of users but ranges from $60/month for 5 users and $2.500/month for 500 users.
If you’re interested, check out their live demos.

WebEx WebOffice screndump WebEx WebOffice screndump weboffice2.png weboffice1.png