So you want the ultimate online e-mail provider for your domain for free? I used to use Outlook/Outlook Web Access (OWA) webmail which is extremely powerful. On another domain I went Open Source and used Mozilla Thunderbird/SquirrelMail combination. When I started up I decided to do what I ultimately want – uninstall everything. So I decided to uninstall Thunderbird and Outlook, get rid of OWA (not free) and Squirrelmail (sorry, love the speed and simplicity but simply too “basic”) and find another free alternative.

One alternative I found was Windows Live Custom Domains, another one was Googwle Apps for your domain which I also tested a few weeks ago.

PS. It seems like AOL will be offering the same deal in the future. DS.

Setup is quite straight-forward. You choose any user who will be administrator. That user can add members to this account. Once members are added they can login at the ordinary These accounts can be upgraded to the new Windows Live Mail beta which offers 2 GB storage and many enhanced features compared to Hotmail.

Within the concept there are many many many features that you can be used together with your account. Here are just a few that are released:

…and there are many betas available aswell.

Again, free is what I like and if you’re a company that needs to host e-mail for your own domain and don’t want to spend anything – this could be a good way of doing it!