The first thing you notice about Zoho Writer is that you have to login to use it (although, you can login as a demo user to test it out). The reason is probably because when you save the documents, they are saved to their server and you have all your documents in the table to the left. Luckily, you can also export your documents. It takes about 5 seconds to load and another 5-10 seconds to load up the default document – probably because it’s huge.

Zoho Writer is packed with feature as any normal word processor. It has the possibility to create tables (including the features Insert row after, Insert column before etc)and you can style them in whatever style you want. You can add pictures. Just the fact that you can right-click an object and get options for that object is impressive. Among other interesting features are that you can use it for collaborative work and e-mail/pusblish them directly from Zoho Writer and you even got spell checking.

Zoho Writer is definitly on it’s way to successfully replace my desktop word processor. I’m just missing a way to execute the application directly from my desktop and sometimes, it feels a little bit slow.