In part 1 I told you about my bookmark hell. So I want to move them all online. Follow this series to see how I move to an online service to manage my bookmarks.

First action was that I wanted to clear out the old non-working sites that I had. Many of them simply gave me an Error 404 and with 2028 bookmarks/favorites – doing it manually was simply not an option.

There are many tools that can do this for you. Here are some free ones:

I’ve tested both AM-DeadLink and Link200 and they work fine. I’m sorry to say – you have to install them :(. I would say AM-DeadLink gives you a little bit more control since Link200 is more of a wizard-type application. With AM-DeadLink you simply get a list of your bookmarks, decide on which to check, and then sort on Error column and delete those with an errors.

After that, I was down to around 1937. You can also find duplicates with AM-DeadLink.

PS. For you who already use or Blogmarks, check this online tool out for testing your bookmarks. DS

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